Elemon (ELMON) Price Forecast

Elemon (ELMON) Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, Future Forecast

You will be surprised to know the fact that from the last few months gaming industry is one of the leading fields in terms of blockchain adaptation. Few of the giants from the gaming industry have started understanding this fact. And slowly they are also investing huge money in the development of blockchain-based video games. If it is not possible to develop a game but at least they want to add some features by using blockchain technology. From onwards the blockchain technology will rule the gaming world. So it’s the perfect time to review this project and find out its possibilities in near future through Elemon (ELMON) Price Prediction.

What is Elemon?

Elemon is the creative and most advanced gaming project which is based on Binance Smart Chain and it is a combination of NFTs and next-generation Role-Playing Games. This platform has an IDLE gaming mechanism so players have the amazing opportunity of earning higher income without wasting much time. Starting battle is one of the easiest tasks and players will also get random teammates for battle. Most importantly even if players are offline still they can earn rewards.

When the player enters the Elematris world they will see thousands of Elemons living around them and has different skills and qualities. To establish peace in the world players will have to lead Elemons to fight for it also they can fight with other players and win battles. Through these small battles, players can properly arrange their squad and they can increase their winning percentage in war.

There are three main levels in the Elemon gameplay Basic, Advanced, and Super, and player that wants to start this game at least need to have one Elemon. At every level there are three groups and Elemons can also be purchased from the marketplace.

Elemon Details:

Project NameElemon
Ticker SymbolELMON
Total Supply2,000,000,000 ELMON
Token TypeBEP-20
Official websiteElemon.io
Launched in2021

Elemon (ELMON) Price Prediction:

In this gaming platform, users will get Pure and Hybrid kinds of Elemons out of that Pure Elemons are stronger compared to the hybrid. This project wants to become the first platform that is combines gaming thrill and digital collectibles and then modifying into digital creatures universe. With the help of next-level NFT based gameplay and decentralized finance based on blockchain technology makes this is not just a game but also the best investment option.

Elemon (ELMON) Price Forecast
Elemon (ELMON) Price Forecast

ELMON is the utility token of the Elemon ecosystem and can be used for earning farming points which can be further used for redemption of NFTs. This token can also be used as a mode of payment on the NFT marketplace.

At the time of writing ELMON token has not even completed a month to its ICO public sale and it has already risen by 36,788%. Which are just unbelievable figures and from this stat we can get an idea about the potential of this project. So considering these very small data our exerts have analyzed this project and as per their Elemon (ELMON) Price Prediction, it will cross the $5 mark by 2022. And in the next five years, this token could even cross the $10 mark.

ELMON ICO Sale Details

ICO DateNovember 2021
ICO token Price$0.009
Funds raised180,000

Final Verdict:

Overall this project has shown some great development potential and it’s just a few months completed to launch of Elemon. All the credit for this development goes to the team behind this project which is highly experienced. Also, the team has signed a partnership with some giant crypto projects and has received backing from established projects. Elemon has unique game art and looking at the progress of this project. We can say this project has the potential to become one of the most promising NFT games and it could also be the hidden gem in 2022.

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