HIVE Coin Price Forecast

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Nowadays the social media platforms that we use more frequently are doing nothing to oppose the censorship imposed on them. And over the years we have so many times those powerful parties dominating the social media platforms. Now it’s clear to everyone that if we want completely censorship-resistant social media and content creation networks. The only solution to this problem is going to be Blockchain technology. Hive network has created social media platform that is censorship-resistant. Today in this article we are going to review this project and consider the HIVE Coin Price Prediction, to find out its future.

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What is Hive?

Hive is a blockchain-based social media platform or we can also say it is a content creation platform. In March 2020 Steem blockchain was hard forked and a Hive network was created to maximize the decentralization of social blockchain. The reason behind this hard fork was the founder and CEO of Tron, Justin Sun takes over the Steem and Steemit. After the fork Hive become one of the best platforms for social blogging and also started promoting decentralized applications and Smart media token usage.

Hive provides a platform for users where they can express themselves through written articles and publish them on the Hive blockchain. And based on other user’s upvoting the publisher will get rewards in the form of Hive tokens. Users can also earn rewards through participating in the community-driven dapps.

By staking the Hive tokens users can participate in the completely decentralized governance of the Hive network. After the hard fork, we will find so many community members of the Steem network are now part of Hive so there are so many similarities in both these platforms.

HIVE Details:

Project NameHive
Ticker SymbolHIVE
Total Supply378,339,719 HIVE
Token TypeERC-20
Launched in2020

HIVE Coin Price Prediction:

This platform always prefers to improve the structure of decentralized networks and fund management on a blockchain. This platform uses three different kinds of tokens that can be used for different purposes on the Hive blockchain. The first one is HIVE which is a liquid token that can be upgraded to Hive power or also can be traded for Hive dollars.

HIVE Coin Price Forecast
HIVE Coin Price Forecast

Next is HIVE Power that indicated how the particular individual has impressed on the hive network. We can also say higher the power more they influence the value of the post. It can also be downgraded to HIVE and traded on the platform. The major role of Hive Dollar is to play the role of stable value currency token that belongs to $1.

After the launch of this platform, it got listed on some of the big exchanges and its price went up by 800%. Especially if we consider the performance of HIVE in November 2021 then it would be a dream journey for any project. A few days back this coin register its new all-time high of $3.34. So considering this performance of the project our experts are very sure that HIVE Coin Price Prediction will cross the $6 mark by the end of 2022. And for long-term prediction, it will reach $20 in the next five years.

Hive ICO Sale Details

ICO DateJuly 2017
ICO token Price$0.02275
Funds raised$8,949,421

Final Verdict:

We all know there are plenty of similar blockchain platforms out there in the market that follows the DPoS protocol but the speed, security and large storage space make this platform unique. Few of the popular dApps like splinterlands and Esteem have shifted to the Hive platform right after the hard fork. At the time of writing, there are more than 40 dApps that are built on a hive network. So considering the potential of this platform we can say this platform will be in huge demand in a couple of years.

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