Merit Circle (MC) Price Forecast

Merit Circle (MC) Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, Future Forecast

The Metaverse has brought a new reality not only in the modern world but also in play to earn gaming. You will be surprised to know that the current value of the blockchain gaming industry is more than $36 billion. Already the number of gamers all around the world is near about 3.6 billion and after these innovations blockchain gaming worth will become more than $314 billion. Every one of us has witnessed the immense growth in popularity of Axie Infinity and after that millions of people started playing blockchain games. So the demand for new games will be very high and there will be a huge opportunity for developers as well. We already have seen metaverse changing life so it’s interesting to see how this project is going to utilize this technology. Now let’s get started with reviewing this project along with Merit Circle (MC) Price Prediction.

What is Merit Circle?

Merit Circle is a making a decentralized autonomous organization that will create numerous opportunities of earning through playing games and helps in building the metaverse. To achieve this goal Merit Circle platform is not only providing scholarship and educational opportunities. But also it is helping in every possible way so that players will start earning in the metaverse. This project is creating a platform where investors, expertise, and players will come together.

This project is planning to create a new generation of gameplay where players are not only playing the games as their hobby. But they will be earning money while playing the games that they love the most. Even though the project was lunch in November 2021 but the actual development of this project was started back in July 2021.

At the time of writing this project is supports one of the most popular play-to-earn games Axie Infinity that also has the highest traded volume so far. As per the official statement, so far more than 1200 players from all over the world have got a scholarship for playing Axie Infinity. And every month they are providing scholarships to more than 500 players.

Merit Circle (MC) Details:

Project NameMerit Circle
Ticker SymbolMC
Total Supply1,000,000,000 MC
Token TypeERC-20
Launched in2021

Merit Circle (MC) Price Prediction:

Right now players are getting a scholarship for playing play to earn games and so many players are gaining new skills. In the upcoming years, these skillful players will have high demand as employers. Along with Axie Infinity, this project is also planning to support Star Atlas, Illuvium, and Hash Rush blockchain games. And as this process gets complete we will see this project gaining lots more investment and support.

Merit Circle (MC) Price Forecast
Merit Circle (MC) Price Forecast

In a very short time, this project has created a huge community of gamers and has gained popularity on social media as well. (This project has got more than 65,000+ followers on Twitter). Recently Yield Guild Games has also invested $175,000 in Merit Circle so looking at that partnership. As per the expert’s analysis and Merit Circle (MC) Price Prediction, this project will cross the $13 mark by the end of 2021. And if we look at its long term price prediction then in next five years it will reach to $40 mark.

MC Coin ICO Sale Details

ICO DateNovember 2021
ICO token Price$1 to $3.16
Funds raised$105,576,956

Final Verdict:

This project is having the potential to provide an opportunity for gamers to earn life-changing income through play-to-earn games. Right from the start of this project has generated a significant amount of revenues that is helping in the growth of Merit Circle. Along with that, this project has an impressive list of partners that are showing their faith in this project. So overall we can say this is an amazing project that is having huge potential. It’s interesting to see how investors look at this project and how long it will take to become one of the leading projects in the market.

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