Oasis Network (ROSE) Price Forecast

Oasis Network (ROSE) Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, Future Forecast

Every time any new blockchain project gets launched most people started considering it as an Ethereum killer. But the fact is that there is no need to kill any project to survive in the market. If that project has potential and adds value to the market then definitely it will get success. Oasis is the project that believes that it is a big competitor of Ethereum and the kind of technology it has. We could see this project becoming the top crypto project in the market. If you haven’t heard much about Oasis then let’s start exploring this project and also find out Oasis Network (ROSE) Price Prediction.

What is Oasis Network?

The Oasis Networks is the first privacy-enabled blockchain platform that is specially designed for a responsible data economy and open finance. With the help of high throughput and secure architecture Oasis Network is planning to power private, scalable decentralized finance and bring revolution in Open finance. And most importantly it’s not keeping limited to traders and early adopters but trying to acquire mass market.

The Oasis Network has some features that not only create new digital assets known as Tokenized data but also planning to redefine Decentralized finance. That allows users to have control over the data that they have generated and also earn rewards for staking it on this platform.

This project aims to create a platform where users will have more control over their own data. And to achieve this goal they are using a blend of advanced distributed ledger technology. This platform also has the feature of Para Time scaling architecture that helps for faster transactions, large workloads, and higher scalability just by separating the execution from consensus. The bigger ecosystem application and use cases can also create their own ParaTime.

Oasis Network (ROSE) Details:

Project NameOasis Network
Ticker SymbolROSE
Total Supply10,000,000,000 ROSE
Token TypeOwn Blockchain
Official websiteOasisprotocol.org
Launched in2020

Oasis Network (ROSE) Price Prediction:

In November 2020 Oasis Network raised 1,575,000 through its initial coin offering and the price of each token during that sale was $0.08. For the first three months, the ROSE token was showing negative trends as its price went below its ICO price. During the bullish run of February and March 2021 first time this token $0.2 benchmark. But that growth got won’t last for a long time and the token got crashed. At the start of September 2021, this project started its biggest bullish run and reach a new all-time high of $0.3581

Oasis Network (ROSE) Price Forecast
Oasis Network (ROSE) Price Forecast

A few days back Oasis Foundation the organization behind the Oasis Network has announced that $160 million has been raised for the development of the ecosystem. This fund will be utilized to improve Defi, data DAOs, NFTs, data tokenization, gaming, data governance, and the Metaverse. Right after this announcement huge spike was noticed in the price of the ROSE token. So looking at this growth and the upcoming updates of this project we can say the Oasis Network (ROSE) Price Prediction may cross the $0.4 mark by the end of 2021. And for long-term ROSE coin prediction, it may reach $1 in the next five years.

ROSE ICO Sale Details

ICO DateNovember 2020
ICO token Price$0.08
Funds raised1,575,000

Final Verdict:

When it comes to the Layer-1 blockchain University program Oasis Network has the largest University program around 25 top universities across 5 continents. Also, this project has got giant investors and partners all around the world. Overall this project is having huge potential and looking at its upcoming updates very soon it will become the top crypto project in the market. This could be a better option for investment but only for long-term investment.

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