RAMP Price Prediction

RAMP Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025 Future Forecast

From the last few months, the RAMP Defi project is showing some serious growth in the crypto market. Ramp project provides the platform for the users that are holing non-Ethereum tokens to stake their token on this platform to get good returns. This project is comparatively new in the market so many of the investors don’t have much information about this project. So today in this article we are going to review the RAMP Defi project and the RAMP price prediction for the upcoming few next few years.

What is RAMP?

The ramp is a decentralized protocol that is planning to increase the adaptation of Decentralized Finance by allowing the users that are having non-Ethereum tokens to stake their tokens on the Ethereum platform. Also on this platform, the Ethereum users can stake their tokens and increase their yields.

RAMP decentralized finance platform allows users for staking of non-ERC-20 blockchains to get collateralized into a stable coin. This is also known as rUSD and it is issued on the Ethereum blockchain. By doing all these things the capital efficiency will increase on staked assets. And this will help users to get rewards on their staking also they will get liquidity from staked assets.

The users that are having Ethereum blockchain-based tokens can deposit their ERC20 stable coins in the eUSD liquidity pool of RAMP. And this will give eUSD and rUSD token holders access to borrow, exchange, and lend these tokens easily, and also they can create liquidity by locking the capital in staking arrangements.         

RAMP Details:

Project NameRamp
Ticker SymbolRAMP
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Token TypeERC-20
Official websiteRampdefi.com
Launched in2020

RAMP Price Prediction:

In October 2020 the RAMP token was got listed on the coin market cap for $0.01762 and in the next two months, the price of this token was kept on increasing gradually. At the start of January 2021, this token started showing upward trends. And just within a month its price was hiked by almost 581% and reached $0.2701 by the end of January. The February month was fully packed with actions for RAMP token because its price was continuously fluctuating but despite that, it has maintained $0.2342.

The RAMP token started its bullish run at the start of March and for the next one month, it was continuously showing upward trends. On 22nd March RAMP crossed the $1 mark but from then its prices got dropped. Even though its price was dropped but still at the time of writing this token is showing upward trends. As per analysis and RAMP Prediction, this token will cross the $7 mark by the end of 2025.  

RAMP Price Prediction
RAMP Forecast
October 2021$1.3259
November 2021$1.4110
December 2021$1.5651
January 2022$1.6709
February 2022$1.7779
March 2022$1.9101
April 2022$2.0159
May 2022$2.1229
June 2022$2.2551
July 2022$2.3627
August 2022$2.4403
September 2022$2.6001
October 2022$2.7059
November 2022$2.8153
December 2022$2.9451
First Quarter 2023$3.2892
Second Quarter 2023$3.6075
Third Quarter 2023$3.8996
Fourth Quarter 2023$4.2975
First Quarter 2025$6.0492
Second Quarter 2025$6.3928
Third Quarter 2025$6.7349
Fourth Quarter 2025$7.0828

RAMP ICO Sale Details

ICO DateOctober 2020
ICO token Price$0.008
Funds raised$80,000

Where to buy RAMP coin:

BinanceOx ProtocolBibox
Gate.io1inch ExchangeHoo

Where to Store RAMP coin:

  • Trust Wallet
  • MetaMask
  • Binance Chain Wallet

Final Verdict:

If you have noticed one thing about this project is that its price has been already raised by 124x from its ICO sale. Also, it has signed a partnership with BSC and some of the top crypto projects that are helping this network to grow faster. Since the launch of this project most of the time this project showing upward trends. As RAMP is providing the features like staking rewards, yield farming, and Liquidity Bridge this platform will be having high demand in upcoming years.

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