Star Atlas (ATLAS) Price Forecast

Star Atlas (ATLAS) Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, Future Forecast

We have seen NFTs dominating the crypto market in the last few months and along with that, it has not only made a huge impact on the online video gaming industry but also created so many opportunities for earning. And after NFT, Metaverse is the next big thing that has created a buzz in the market. Nobody has ever imagined that the combination of NFT, online gaming, and metaverse will have enormous earning potential. And will bring evolution in the world of technology. Star Atlas is the one project that fits in this description perfectly so without wasting too much time let’s deep dive into it. And also find out Star Atlas (ATLAS) Price Prediction based on our expert’s price prediction.

What is Star Atlas?

Star Atlas is a Solana blockchain-based next-generation metaverse space-themed grand strategy video game. For providing a more realistic, best visual experience, real-time graphics, and interactive gameplay Star Atlas uses Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite technology. So while playing the game users will feel they are in the distant future in the year 2620

Star Atlas provides a metaverse platform where users can create NFTs and trade them. Along with that users will get ownership and real-world value to the assets. As we know this platform is built on the Solana network so it can process 50,000 transactions per second. This platform aims to create a space-themed role-playing game that will have a real-money economy and NFT assets.

Star Atlas Gameplay

When it comes to the gameplay then this game is very extensive and players need to go onboard alone where they will face so many challenges. At the same time, they need to gather resources and for survival in that metaverse, they have to compete with other players.

Players are always free to do things as per their choice like they can build cities and create their microeconomics. Additionally, they can also create a Decentralized autonomous organization to maintain the governance in a specific region by collaborating with other players.

We may have seen in most of the centralized gaming platforms players are being restricted for full ownership of in-game items and they can’t sell them. But in the case of Star Atlas, it gives full ownership of assets that they gather in the game and players can also sell them in the marketplace.

Star Atlas (ATLAS) Details:

Project NameStar Atlas
Ticker SymbolATLAS
Total Supply36,000,000,000 ATLAS
Token TypeSOLANA
Launched in2021

Star Atlas (ATLAS) Price Prediction:

Star Atlas has a dual token economy, where POLIS token is used to maintain the governance on this platform. The POLIS token holders will be having voting power through which they can contribute to decision-making related to the development of the project.

Star Atlas (ATLAS) Price Forecast
Star Atlas (ATLAS) Price Forecast

ATLAS is the second token that can be used as a medium of exchange on the Star Atlas platform. With the help of ATLAS, token players can purchase in-game NFT items like spaceship, land crew, and a few more essential to play the game. Also, players can earn rewards for their in-game activities in the form of an ATLAS token.

This project was launched back in September 2021 and within the initial days, this project got a big spike. Unfortunately then after Star Atlas failed to make impression on the investors as it was continuously showing downward trends. From the last few weeks, we have noticed stable growth and might get a chance to see another upward trend very soon. If we consider the Star Atlas (ATLAS) Price Prediction for this year then it will cross $0.25 by the end of 2022. And in the next five years, it will reach $0.6.

ATLAS ICO Sale Details

ICO DateAugust – September 2021
ICO token Price$ 0.00138
Funds raised$996,800

Final Verdict:

Overall Star Atlas is the perfect example of how future NFT based games should be. This project has a combination of NFTs, blockchain technology, and metaverse that provides a great earning opportunity for players. This gaming platform provides real-time graphics, multiplayer gaming mode, best visual video gaming experience and implementation of DeFi make it one the best gaming project in the decentralized gaming field. Looking at the craze for metaverse and the play-to-earn game we can say Star Atlas will be having a great future ahead.

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