Ultra (UOS) Price Forecast

Ultra (UOS) Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025 Future Forecast

In the last few years, the kind of response online gaming and video gaming started getting from players this market is getting bigger and bigger day by day. And now it’s one of the largest industries in the market with a value of over $35 billion. But still, pc or mobile gaming market has been dominated by middlemen like Google, Apple, and Steam. So developers will have to pay some part of their revenue to these third parties. Finally, we have got a platform that will solve these problems and is none other than Ultra. Before wasting too much time let’s get started and try to find Ultra (UOS) Price Prediction after analyzing this project.

What is Ultra?

Ultra is a PC games distribution platform built on blockchain technology and specially designed to provide new opportunities for gamers and game developers. In simple words, we can say this platform is building blockchain more dedicated to the video gaming industry. This platform allows its users to create multiple streams of revenue through its marketplace where players can buy and sell games and other items.

This platform has its Software Development Kit (SDK) that will help developers to build new games. And with its effective marketing tools, developers can promote their games to their potential users. Compared to traditional platforms developers will get an opportunity to earn 21% more revenue through their development. At the Ultra platform gamers and developers will get access to so many centralized and decentralized services.

After purchasing their favorite game players can start playing it in no time without completely downloading it. Just by participating in beta tests, watching ads, and curating games users will get a chance to earn rewards in the form of a UOS token. Also with Ultra’s referral program users can earn UOS tokens. This platform allows gamers to sell or purchase second-hand games.

Ultra (UOS) Details:

Project NameUltra
Ticker SymbolUOS
Total Supply1,000,000,000 UOS
Token TypeERC-20
Official websiteUltra.io
Launched in2019

Ultra (UOS) Price Prediction:

After the introduction of blockchain-based gaming, most developers and gamers started shifting from traditional app stores. And as Ultra project is providing all the necessary tools and infrastructure to develop and publish games. There will be a huge demand for this project in the upcoming time. Ultra charges 15% of revenue generated by the sale of any game which is almost half compared to traditional platforms. And most importantly 50% of this revenue is given back to developers and gamers for the referral program.

Ultra (UOS) Price Forecast
Ultra (UOS) Price Forecast

After analyzing the performance of NFT we can say it is one of the fastest-growing fields in the crypto market and Ultra has also got benefit from it. And recently Ultra team announced that in the upcoming time they are planning to build a technology that will allow players to sell or purchase unique NFT on multiple marketplaces. As per the experts, the Ultra (UOS) Price Prediction for 2021 will be $1.8. And for long-term investment, the price of UOS tokens will reach $12 in the next five years.

UOS Coin ICO Sale Details

ICO DateJuly 2019
ICO token Price$0.05
Funds raised$5,000,000

Final Verdict:

Even though there are some projects out there in the market like Enjin Coin and WAX that are focusing on NFT and making NFTs useable in multiple games. But at the time of writing Ultra project is the only project that is focusing on the gaming industry. So looking at the kind of response blockchain-based gaming is getting from the last few months. We can say Ultra is having a very bright future ahead.

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