UniLend (UFT) Price Prediction

UniLend (UFT) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025 Future Forecast

The recently launched UniLend Finance project has been seeking lots of attention from investors for the last few months. This project provides a platform for users where they can perform spot trading along with lending and borrowing at one place. If you are unaware of this project then you can just go through this article and you will get answers to most of your questions. Also, we are going to provide UniLend(UFT) Price Prediction for the next five years.

What is UniLend?

UniLend is a Decentralized finance protocol that is permissionless and it allows users for spot trading and along with that they can use the functionality of lending and borrowing at a single platform. If we look at other Defi protocols they allow only 30 assets but on UniLend any user can list any of the ERC-20 for decentralized trading and lending and borrowing.

At this moment many of the digital assets are not part of Defi’s ecosystem. So the main goal of this platform is to unlock the true potential of Defi by adding these ERC-20 tokens that are excluded from Defi right now. Some platforms provide the feature of lending and borrowing but with limited tokens. And some platforms provide freedom of trading any ERC-20 asset but they don’t provide the lending and borrowing feature.

So UniLend is going to fill this gap by introducing the platform where users can perform spot trading, lending, and borrowing with any ERC-20 asset. Normally the UFT token is used for governance on UniLend Protocol.

UniLend (UFT) Details:

Project NameUniLend
Ticker SymbolUFT
Total Supply100,000,000
Token TypeERC-20
Official websitehttps://unilend.finance
Launched in2020

UniLend (UFT) Price Prediction:

Generally in the crypto market, we see lots of fluctuation in the price of tokens but UFT is an exception to this. We are not saying this token always shows upward trends but there are only a few occasions where this token price was collapse. The UFT token was listed on the coin market cap in October 2020 for $0.2975 and just within two months its price was hiked by 197% and reached $0.8856. In January 2021 there was a small collapse in its price and but still, it manages its average price of $0.6.

The actual bullish run of this project was started at the start of February and it was surged by 738% and reached created a new all-time high of $4.0176. Form the middle of March the price started dropping but we still believe that this token will bounce back very soon. As per our UFT Price analysis this coin will reach to $22 mark by the end of 2025.

UniLend (UFT) Future Forecast
UniLend (UFT) Future Forecast
October 2021$4.5471
November 2021$4.7874
December 2021$5.2681
January 2022$5.4843
February 2022$5.9098
March 2022$6.3100
April 2022$6.6320
May 2022$6.9517
June 2022$7.3519
July 2022$7.6739
August 2022$7.8326
September 2022$8.3938
October 2022$8.7162
November 2022$9.0355
December 2022$9.4357
First Quarter 2023$10.4776
Second Quarter 2023$11.5218
Third Quarter 2023$12.5649
Fourth Quarter 2023$13.6033
First Quarter 2025$18.8143
Second Quarter 2025$19.8559
Third Quarter 2025$20.9024
Fourth Quarter 2025$21.7844

UniLend (UFT) ICO Sale Details

ICO DateOctober 2020
ICO token Price$0.15
Funds raised$150,000

Where to buy UFT coin:

UniswapBithumb GlobalBilaxy
WazirXCoinDCXProBit Exchange

Where to Store UFT coin:

  • Trust Wallet
  • MetaMask

Final Verdict:

At this moment not a single platform provides spot trading with unlimited assets, lending, and borrowing on a single platform. And UniLend is the only project that provides these features so in the upcoming time this project will be having huge demand. Also, this project has got backup from big crypto projects and the team behind this project has previous work experience with Matic Network and Metatransact. So this thing will surely help them in the upcoming time.

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