WAX (WAXP) Price Prediction

WAX (WAXP) Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025 Future Forecast

There are so many problems in the existing online gaming industry but by utilizing Blockchain technology many of these problems will get resolved. So many of the gaming projects started shifting to blockchain technology and just because of that blockchain-based gaming industry is growing rapidly. We also have seen some projects like Axie Infinity, Enjin Coin, and MyNeighborAlice getting huge responses in recent time. So here we will analyze this project and also share the WAX (WAXP) Price Prediction for the next few years.

What is WAX?

WAX stands for Worldwide Asset Exchange and this is a decentralized platform where any users can create and control their own virtual marketplace. And to manage this marketplace users don’t need to invest in providing security and payment processing facilities. The founder of OPSkins has developed the WAX project and in a very short period, this project has become one of the largest marketplaces for trading online game assets.

With the help of WAX token users can also interact with current and upcoming marketplaces very easily. This platform has the potential to expand to a $50 billion market for buying and selling video game items virtually. WAX provides the safest platform for trading gaming items without the risk of getting scammed. At the time the WAX project was launched there were very few virtual trading marketplaces and over the years WAX came out as the most trusted platform for trading with the lowest trading fees.

WAX (WAXP) Details:

Project NameWAX
Ticker SymbolWAXP
Total Supply3,770,303,327 WAXP
Token TypeERC-20
Official websiteOn.wax.io/wax-io
Launched in2017

WAX (WAXP) Price Prediction:

In the last quarter of 2017 WAX project conducted its public and the tokens were sold at $0.320 and by the end of the sale they managed to raise $9,600,000. Few weeks after the public sale price of the WAXP token was surged by 1465%. But by the time it got listed to coin market cap its price went to $1.0058. Once again there was small spike was registered where its price hiked by 340% and reached $1.9363. For the next two months, this coin was continuously showing downward trends and in April 2018 there was a small spike.

From June 2018 for almost one year and half years, the project was showing neutral trends and it maintained $0.02 during this time. At the start of February 2021 once again WAX project started showing upward trends. Also, the market was showing a bullish trend and that help this project to get a boost after a long time. During this period the price of WAXP was raised by 747% and reached $0.3338 by the end of March 2021. Then after the price of this coin was consistently fluctuating and from last few days once again this project started upward trends. Just within two weeks, its price went up from $0.1775 to $0.5114. Considering this growth few crypto experts have analyzed this project and as per their WAX forecast, this token could reach the $4 mark by the end of 2025.

WAX (WAXP) Future Forecast
WAX (WAXP) Future Forecast
October 2021$0.4335
November 2021$0.4519
December 2021$0.4795
January 2022$0.5037
February 2022$0.5393
March 2022$0.5734
April 2022$0.6182
May 2022$0.6529
June 2022$0.6913
July 2022$0.7527
August 2022$0.8258
September 2022$0.8733
October 2022$0.9274
November 2022$0.9786
December 2022$1.0269
First Quarter 2023$1.2148
Second Quarter 2023$1.3682
Third Quarter 2023$1.6088
Fourth Quarter 2023$1.7641
First Quarter 2024$1.9791
Second Quarter 2024$2.1654
Third Quarter 2024$2.4794
Fourth Quarter 2024$2.7117
First Quarter 2025$2.9532
Second Quarter 2025$3.2050
Third Quarter 2025$3.5742
Fourth Quarter 2025$3.8858

WAX (WAXP) ICO Sale Details

ICO DateNovember 2017
ICO token Price$0.320
Funds raised$9,600,000

Where to buy WAXP coin:

Huobi GlobalBitfinexBittrex

Where to Store WAXP coin:

  • MetaMask
  • Trust Wallet

Final Verdict:

After going through all the details most of you might be interested to know that is it worth investing in this project. Frankly speaking, even though this project has so many good things but the fact that the WAX token holders will be limited as it is associated with the gaming field. Also, there are few more projects like Enjin is giving tough competition to this project. So far this project has done well enough to attract investors but we have to see how long they could do this.

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