WebDollar (WEBD) Price Prediction

WebDollar (WEBD) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025 Future Forecast

From the last few years, the Crypto market has grown on a large scale and there are so many new projects that are getting launched in the market. WebDollar is crypto that is considered as a future of the crypto market and its recent performance justifies this thing. In this article, we will try to understand the working and features of this project and WebDollar (WEBD) Price Prediction for the upcoming few years.

What is WebDollar?

WebDollar is the crypto that wants to become the native token for the World Wide Web by helping this industry to expand, improve its portability, lightness, and simplicity. But the fact is Bitcoin is the largest crypto in the market and still not have become a native token of the internet so how could WebDollar achieve this.

With the help of WebDollar users can start mining the digital coins in a much easier and faster way and most importantly they don’t need to download or install anything. Just by running any browser, they can start mining on a supported device. In the upcoming years, this project is also planning to increase the privacy of users with the help of transaction mixtures.

The WebDollar was launched in 2018 and at that time it was completely based on Proof of work but by the time it has made changes and currently it is powered by a hybrid consensus algorithm that is having 33.33% of Proof of Work (PoW) and 66.66% Proof of Stake (PoS). To become more effective, eco-friendly, and secure they are planning to become 90% PoS and 10% PoW.

WebDollar (WEBD) Details:

Project NameWebDollar
Ticker SymbolWEBD
Total Supply42,000,000,000 WEBD
Token TypeERC-20
Official websitehttps://webdollar.io
Launched in2018

WebDollar (WEBD) Price Prediction:

In April 2019 the WEBD coin was listed for $0.0003846 on the coin market cap but from then onwards it started showing a downward tendency. This project was struggling for almost two years and during this downfall investors also didn’t show any interest in this project. But in April 2021 where the entire crypto market was started a bullish run, WebDoallar also started showing bullish trends.

At the start of April 2021, the price of the WEBD token was $0.0001051 and just within 40 days its price went up by 892% and reached $0.001043. But the market crash made a big impact on this project and once again its price went down. From the last few weeks, the project is once again started showing upward trends where its price reached $0.7128 on 14th June which is the all-time high price of this project. As per our WEBD Prediction this token is going to cross $0.00187 mark by the end of 2025.

WebDollar (WEBD) Forecast
WebDollar (WEBD) Forecast
October 2021$0.0003970
November 2021$0.0003726
December 2021$0.0003469
January 2022$0.0003921
February 2022$0.0004266
March 2022$0.0005520
April 2022$0.0006842
May 2022$0.0008809
June 2022$0.0006345
July 2022$0.0007210
August 2022$0.0006483
September 2022$0.0006026
October 2022$0.0005819
November 2022$0.0006152
December 2022$0.0005911
First Quarter 2023$0.0006785
Second Quarter 2023$0.0012431
Third Quarter 2023$0.0010936
Fourth Quarter 2023$0.0009729
First Quarter 2024$0.0010499
Second Quarter 2024$0.0016792
Third Quarter 2024$0.0014835
Fourth Quarter 2024$0.0013685
First Quarter 2025$0.0014605
Second Quarter 2025$0.0021161
Third Quarter 2025$0.0018867
Fourth Quarter 2025$0.0018055

Where to buy WEBD coin:


Final Verdict:

The WebDollar project aims to become the native token of the internet but this is quite a difficult task to achieve and the team behind this project is working very hard to achieve this. This project also wants to offer lightness, simplicity, and portability to internet users all over the world.

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